We are a very small, family-owned Meadery. We involve the whole family in the production process, including our 2 1/2 year old Grandson, who loves to stick his finger in the honeycomb when we are extracting honey from the hives. It is a real HANDS-ON Business!

We are proud to offer Meads—99% of which are only made with honey from our very own beehives. Currently we have 60 hives in 5 different bee yards around our area. We brew in small batches of 5 to 260 gallons, and only add the finest fruits or spices we can find.

We are passionate and use patience to put out Meads that we can be proud of, AND win International Medals with. 
Upon visiting our satellite unit off our home in Severance, one can find a variety of 13 different flavors of mead ranging from Palisade Peaches to Kona Coffee. Mead (or honey wine as federal regulations mandate this variety as to its additional ingredients), is the oldest fermented beverage known to man. It is comprised of honey, water and yeast.

We started our operation in December 2010 and have grown their business to include 60 hives of bees for honey production and a potential mead capacity of 1,650 gallons. Since the first batch finished in 2011, we havce won 9 international awards and 4 state awards from the Front Range Wine Festival.

Hunters Moon Semi-Sweet Meads, the largest category the Bowdishs produce, includes flavors such as whole clove spice, wild huckleberry and chokecherry, saffron, coffee, blueberry, organic lemons, Earl Grey tea, Palisade peaches and bing cherry. 
We also makes dry chardonnay oak-aged mead called the Trappers Cask. 
Meads like Sweet Mountain Berry — a sweeter version of the wild huckleberry and chokecherry flavored Mountain Berry — and Kona Mikala, infused with coffee from Hawaii, make up the sweetest category.

The process starts with the collection of honey, which we then dilute with warm water to make it more soluble. The mixture is then placed in a tank and diluted with cold water until it reaches the desired specific gravity to produce a 12 percent alcohol content. Once fermentation is completed, we transfer the mead off the yeast and can sweeten back and add any fruit or spices to the mix.

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